Digital and physical collectibles platform FWENCLUB is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated “FWEN METAVERSE” that offers a virtual world of 3D art. A year in the making, the first phase of the project introduces an exciting collaboration with Japanese contemporary artist Yusuke Hanai who presents “THE ROAD AND THE SKY BAR & GRILL'' in an open-world mode. The area will officially launch in the FWEN METAVERSE app on 23 February.

Following the success of the collaboration with Yusuke Hanai on the NFT series, which sold out within seconds and attracted over 250,000 members to the DISCORD community, FWENCLUB and Yusuke Hanai have officially joined forces to create this unique virtual world. The team has put in an extensive effort to design over a thousand 3D models, ensuring that users will have an unparalleled visual experience and a fresh new perspective on art and social interaction.

The 3D virtual art world of FWENCLUB will be made available to the public in two phases. The first phase, from 21 to 23 February, will be exclusively open to dedicated communities, including holders of Yusuke Hanai project. The 2nd phase will be available to the general public with invitation codes starting on 23 February. Details of the invitation codes will be released via FWENCLUB Discord and official social media platforms.


FWEN METAVERSE offers a unique, open-world experience for users, allowing for seamless interaction and communication with individuals worldwide through voice, text, and actions. The app is equipped with a camera function and 360-degree viewing capabilities, providing users with the opportunity to showcase their creativity and capture scenes from different perspectives.

The debut release of FWENCLUB’s “THE ROAD AND THE SKY BAR & GRILL” paints a virtual world representative of Yusuke Hanai’s life in his twenties. The artist mentioned the importance of a closed-down bar he had previously worked in when designing his NFT series with FWENCLUB. His fond memories at the bar were a source of inspiration for his later artworks. Therefore, this release is Yusuke Hanai’s first time sharing this symbolic bar with the public in the virtual world.

The upcoming "THE ROAD AND THE SKY BAR & GRILL" virtual world will feature two main areas - the beach and the bar. Users can first visit the beach and complete tasks by interacting with the non-player character (NPC) "YETCH" to win “beer cans” game tokens.

After experiencing the beach, players can continue to explore the second area - “THE ROAD AND THE SKY BAR & GRILL”. Here, users can find several interactive games within the bar, such as knocking beer mugs, as well as pinball. On top of this, users can grab a beer from the bartender to enjoy a refreshing drink, and even raise their glasses with other online users to immerse in the virtual social experience.


To celebrate the artist's first foray into the virtual world, FWENCLUB, and Yusuke Hanai have teamed up to create a limited edition "BELGIAN" bottle sculpture. This collaboration is a re-design of upcycled beer bottles, hoping to raise environmental awareness among collectors. The glass bottle and cap feature a label especially drawn by Yusuke Hanai. The handwritten phrase "You are the most important person to me all the time", represents gratitude in which each collector has given the glass bottle a new life. The bottle also includes another artist's note "Thanks for picking me up.”

FWEN METAVERSE offers its users the chance to acquire this highly unique collectible through in-app bottle competition. The distribution of the bottle sculptures will take place in 2 phases, with 10 qualifying players receiving a 'BELGIAN' bottle sculpture each. These art pieces are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, featuring the artist's signature and individual numbering.


Material: Upcycled glass bottle
Dimension: H6.9 inches
Signed & numbered
Accompanied with a certificate of authenticity
Currently exclusively available to win at FWEN METAVERSE