We have checking in on the developmnts of the digital and physical collectibles platform FWENCLUB, as our Spring 2021 cover artist, Yusuke Hanai, has been transforming his physical art and character work into the metaverse. Now, a year in the making, the first phase of the project introduces an exciting collaboration with Japanese contemporary artist Yusuke Hanai who presents “THE ROAD AND THE SKY BAR & GRILL'' in an open-world mode. The “FWEN METAVERSE” is now open by invitation only and available for everyone to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Details of the invitation codes will be released via FWENCLUB Discord and official social media platforms.

From the press release: 

FWENCLUB announced its three-way collaboration with Yusuke Hanai & Japanese Streetwear Fashion Icon, NEIGHBORHOOD. Upon visiting the bar, users will meet an NPC sporting the brand logos and an octopus design on his T-shirt. The adjacent table also features an artwork wrapped in octopus and afloat with smoke, reminiscent of NEIGHBORHOOD’s iconic incense chamber design. In celebration of this collaboration, FWENCLUB is offering a “Bonus Raffle Ticket” to all first-time visitors to the bar. The ticket serves as a sneak peek into the exclusive offers when the highly anticipated collaboration is officially announced.

The upcoming "THE ROAD AND THE SKY BAR & GRILL" virtual world will feature two main areas - the beach and the bar. Users can first visit the beach and complete tasks by interacting with the non-player character (NPC) "YETCH" to win “beer cans” game tokens. After experiencing the beach, players can continue to explore the second area - “THE ROAD AND THE SKY BAR & GRILL”. Here, users can find several interactive games within the bar, such as knocking beer mugs, as well as pinball. On top of this, users can grab a beer from the bartender to enjoy a refreshing drink, and even raise their glasses with other online users to immerse in the virtual social experience. The in-game currency can buy a beer, unlock features or even redeem physical/digital utilities.