Navel gazing can get a little old, so, in the coming weeks (months?), as we find ourselves counting the hours till lunchtime on the sofa, we look for productive and creative ways to spend our days. In hopes of inspiring each other, we’ll be sharing some projects by photographers who have used the medium to explore the crevices and vistas of their home or neighborhood.

Todd Hido's photographs are perhaps the perfect visual embodiment of the confinement, separation, and sometime eerily quiet existence many of us find ourselves in right now. Whether it's hotel room portraits, foggy landscapes shot through the windows of his car, or the glow of a house at night, the moments Hido captures are hypnotizing. The title of his 2016 monograph, Intimate Distance, is a fitting description of his work and an understanding of the space (or lack of) between us that we find particularly interesting to contemplate right now.

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