Maisie Cousins' approach to making images is hedonistic and performative as she explores topics such as sensuality, indulgence, and body image. Maisie’s work comes from a desire to see femininity and sexuality in a positive and open way. Inspired by the fluidity of sex and gender, her work actively responds to destructive images aiming to address the damaging misogynistic ideals of beauty. Exploring these topics with honesty and humor she hopes to create erotic and visceral work that not only challenges people but also asks them to get involved.

In the exhibition Rubbish, Dipping Sauce, Grass, Peonie, Bum visitors of Fotografiska will partake in parts of the three projects that Maisie Cousins has dedicated the last five years of her life to. “I am not driven by any ambition to be considered an artist. For me, art is about a strong feeling of instinct that needs to be ‘let out’. My creations are driven by intuition and are a constant factor in my everyday life. Looking at a strange object on the street, an odd fruit at the market, or something that actually looks repulsive, together they can create an entity, a context, and sometimes even a sort of harmonious connection between them. Often after they’ve been allowed to melt together for a bit in this “twilight zone” the strangest things appear, that I could never have accounted for beforehand. They are allowed to be themselves for a bit, and later when I return with my camera I instantly know, there’s the picture! It isn’t until quite a while after that I start seeing the patterns, never in the moment”, says Maisie Cousins.