Alice Pasquini has indeed found a way to be local and global. As a street artist, she has traveled the world for both gallery and outdoor work, with an unique stencil style as her aesthetic. Locally, she has transformed the way we are looking at Italian street art, as her CVTà Street Fest has been a special proejct in central Italy looking at some of the almost abandoned villages there and reviving them through youth and art. All these projects have culminated in Whereabouts, a new exhibition at ART3035 in Amsterdam that documents her travels in a series of works that, at its heart, is about the use of postcards Pasquini sent to herself when abroad. 

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Each postcard becomes a tangible memory, a reminder of how her life has unfolded. From São Paulo to Berlin to New York City, each postcard is a way to preserve something tangible from her experience: it does not end with the journey but rather is grafted onto her personal story to explore Alice's continuous journey around the world. The exhibition also presents a cycle of geographical maps from the 1950s with which the artist dialogues, integrating her own style and transforming them into artistic territory.

Today we have looks at the installation and final set-up from the show. See the gallery above. The exhibition curated by Jacopo Gonzales.