Our friends from Void Projects cultural platform have recently launched their newest project, Home MuralFest which is currently taking shape worldwide. Prompted by the current situation and the initiative by Jacoba from Denmark, the idea is to unite a global community of artists, currently physically apart, to create something together.

Working closely with artists whose practice strongly relies on creating work in public spaces, Home suggests a new channel to connect the ongoing practice while exploring the boundaries between inside and outside. Instead of taking off on trips around the globe to create work in a new location, the artists are invited to work from their places of isolation while exploring and utilizing those inherent, shared limitations. Whether living room or studio wall, bathtub or  kitchen floor, the work becomes significant in the privacy and intimacy of one’s own home, as the artists each become the ones actually living with the work. By sharing this unique intimacy through this live intervention, the technology which usually distances us from each other becomes an honest tool for togetherness. —Sasha Bogojev  

Taking place through April 30, 2020, online via IG @Void_projects,  voidprojects.org and the tag #homemuralfest, the project keeps growing and among many  renowned names, including works by Alex Senna (Brazil), Alberto Montes (Spain), Brad Downey (USA) and NAME: (Slovenia), Elian Chali (Argentina), Ella & Pitr (France), Gonzalo Borondo (Spain), Helen Bur (UK), Icy and Sot (Iran), Matth Velvet (France), Nemo’s (Italy), Quintessenz (Germany), Troy Lovegates (Canada), TWOONE (Japan), Zoer (France) and more.