Branded Arts recently hosted the Branded Arts Festival at César E. Chávez Learning Academies in Los Angeles, bringing murals and arts education directly to the students. The initiative featured an all-star team of muralists, including Carlo Valentino, Christian Garcia Perez, DesiBoo Creations, Erica Friend aka Insomniart, Jesica Burlaza, Josh Everhorn, JP Murals, Kenny Scharf, Kristy Sandoval, Levi Ponce, MURO, Ozzie Juarez, Rah Azul, Shantell Martin, and Sofia Enriquez.

Through collaboration with the school and local artists, Branded Arts provided students with a unique opportunity to engage with these established muralists. The students participated in every stage of the art process, from theme development to the actual painting, creating a hands-on learning experience that went beyond traditional education.

In a year-long effort, Branded Arts worked closely with the community to select artists who resonated with the school’s ethos. This diverse group not only brought their artistic skills but also their unique cultural perspectives, enriching the students' creative journey.

The festival underscored the importance of legacy and respect for art. By creating permanent murals, it demonstrated to students how art can be cherished and preserved. This initiative didn’t just highlight the possibility of careers in the creative economy but provided tangible examples and connections within the industry.

As Warren Brand, President of Branded Arts, emphasized, “This is about giving students a creative outlet that will help them throughout their lives. We may not be able to tell every story, but we will amplify many voices, achieving unity through diversity.”

The Branded Arts Festival at César E. Chávez Learning Academies was more than an event—it was a transformative experience that showcased the essential role of art in education, proving that art is not a luxury but a crucial element of a well-rounded education.