This weekend, March 5—7, 2021, Underdogs will be launching a new initiative, the Online Viewing Room: an innovative platform created to connect our artists with collectors and art enthusiasts at a larger scale. The first edition is dedicated to the presentation and purchase of exclusive and unique pieces from CHRONOS REDUX, Add Fuel’s upcoming exhibition at Underdogs. 

Here is how it works: for a total of 48 hours, anyone will be able to requisition a work on a first-come first-served basis through Underdog’s website. Listen to our Radio Juxtapoz podcast with Add Fuel below. 

The body of work presented in this viewing room follows the conceptual framework of the exhibition for which it was created. Echoing the haphazard and uncertain pace that 2020 imposed on us, Add Fuel reflects on the passage of time.

Time is the central concept of this initiative, which not only focuses on an artist whose work is already rooted in the idea of revisiting and rethinking the past, but is also limited to a strict 48-hour timeframe.

The selection comprises pieces that embody a dialogue between linearity and cyclicity, between continuity and intermittence, between innovation and patternisation. Including works in azulejo, compositions spray painted on wood and sculptural works, its aesthetic fluctuates between a re-exploration of previously developed motifs and subject matter in new formats, new compositions and new colour schemes, as well as entirely innovative patterns that reflect a reappraisal of the past with a view to suggest new future itineraries. 

As a whole, the works are united by a the game of contrapositions and replications which have characterised the artist’s language since the beginning of his practice. The result is a journey of reinterpretation where the artist casts a fresh gaze on the fertile and unique work he has developed so far.