You can read every essay, article and bit of news on Brexit, but no one really seems to know what the October 31st deadline actually means. In 2017, Banksy had painted one of his biggest murals in Dover, England, depicting a man chiseling off a star on the European Union flag, that is, eradicating the UK's presence.

As that new "October 31 deadline" approaches and new PM Boris Johnson sweats and scrambles to make sense of his own mess, Banksy had planned to buff his work as a symbol of the Brexit debacle. Well, was he too late? As the artist noted on IG this week, "Oh. I had planned that on the day of Brexit I was going to change the piece in Dover to this. But seems they've painted over it. Nevermind. I guess a big white flag says it just as well." Only the remnants of the star remain. 

Whether the artist buffed his own work or it was local government, it is all so perfectly poetic.