It's amazing where the last year has taken us, but when we look at 12 month journey of Argentinian-born, Barcelona-based painter/muralist Franco "JAZ" Fasoli, it seems about right that we had an almost 90-minute conversation with our friend from a remote gas station/rest stop in the middle of the Argentinian countryside. Fasoli has been on the forefront of a generation of South American street and fine artists, most specifically of course, Buenos Aires artist who stormed the international scene with a unique blend of fine art muralism and bold studio works in the early years of an incredible global movement.

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Now based in Spain, but in the midst of crazy year of exploration, experimentation and... being stuck, we caught up with Fasoli back in his home country on a bit of summer break. After a residency in North Carolina led to Fasoli living in Charlotte for an extra six months during the early months of the pandemic, he gave us the lowdown on living in the American south during a time of social turmoil and how it related to social upheavals in South America in his youth. We learn about his past in set design, graffiti, Tango Culture, muralism's infancy, OSGEMEOS' groundbreaking influence and why Barcelona works for him. We also get an in-depth look at Argentinian BBQ, summer in the country, the works he was able to complete at his rented studio in Charlotte and how he thinks we took our globe-trotting ways in the art world for granted.

The Radio Juxtapoz podcast is hosted by FIFTH WALL TV's Doug Gillen and Juxtapoz editor, Evan Pricco. Episode 063 was recorded via Skype from a gas station in Argentina, San Francisco, London, February 5, 2021.