Spanish painter, Pejac, has always been a master at creating the most unique angles and viewing the street as a sort fine art and illusionary playground. His newest work, meticulous and special to the Nuart Aberdeen program this year, was just revealed, where he chose the entrance of a building in the very center of the city, and what Pejac told was a "property specifically chosen because it hosts many charities as well as homes for vulnerable residents facing social exclusion." As the theme of Nuart Aberdeen was that of Reconnecting, Pejac created a work that was about reconnect with the residents of the city itself.  

From Pejac: "The multitude of tiny figures that make up this doormat come together to stand for every aspect of the WELCOME concept, the meaning of which has been increasingly hard to find recently. The message is one of dignity, understanding that those who have been pushed to the margins of society can recognise the importance of an open and heartfelt welcome more than anyone. It reframes the potential of those who have been discriminated against and in some sense stepped over by society, and presents them as united and proud."

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