OSGEMEOS and AllRightsReserved connect for the first time to showcase the renowned Brazilian artist's first-ever yellow character in the bronze sculpture “The Giant”. The work sees one of OSGEMEOS’ signature thinly outlined, yellow-hued characters in a bronze form dressed in a golden hue for the first time, portraying the artist’s giant fantasy world into the tiny-yet-mighty creation.

The collaboration piece mimics a similar aesthetic but gives the sculpture a new aura and sensation with the use of bronze. Standing 14.4 inches tall, the bronze sculpture is adorned with texture marks on its hair, highlighted with the signature graffiti on the reverse of the jacket and the quarter of the shoes - which receives elaborate detailing and eye-catching accents. The piece also accompanies a train-like wooden box and a piece of rail for “The Giant” to stand on.

The duo also created an incredible 3D animation, created in collaboration with Flooul Animation, of the character “The Giant'', which can be seen in the OSGEMEOS-directed visual, traveling around the city and standing against the train. The track symbolizes a life journey we could choose to go, go back, or stop in the middle. “The guy standing on the track looks like he is thinking where to go,” said OSGEMEOS, “He can find the best way to go because he’s the top guy, the giant, so he can see far.”

“The Giant”
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: H365 x W123 x D110mm (The Giant) ; H19 x W124 x D119mm (Rail) Edition of 32
Signed and numbered certificate of authenticity
Packaged in a wooden box

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