“This body of work is a visual narrative of the economic policies that have eroded the stability and prosperity of America’s middle class. All that’s left are the debris and detritus of a once thriving segment of society, now navigating an increasingly precarious existence.

"The structures I depict are unstable, built from discarded materials. These elements symbolize the resourcefulness and tenacity of those struggling to adapt and survive.

"Despite the dystopian themes, there is a whimsical absurdity in the juxtaposition of luxury brands with scenes of poverty and decay. This contrast highlights the absurdity of wealth inequality and the false promises of consumer culture. Promises of success and happiness are juxtaposed against the stark reality of societal decline.

In Reaganomics Killed America’s Middle Class at Thinkspace Projects, I invite viewers to engage in a visual dialogue about the consequences of economic policies and the resilience of those left in their wake. This series continues my exploration of waste, overconsumption, and social inequality, and I hope it prompts a deeper reflection on the realities of our society. As always, my work is a game of clues and connections, challenging viewers to piece together the narrative and uncover the underlying messages within the chaos.” —Alvaro Naddeo