Renowned sculptor Hollie Dilley breathes new life into sentient animals and the mediums of taxidermy and ceramics in her new show, Reincarnation. The pop-surrealist sculptures of Hollie Dilley will take the spotlight at the Chambers Project in Nevada City, CA on May 3, 2019, at 5 pm. The artist, 39, creates intricate works using ceramics, animal skins and bones, small metals, and more.

Beginning with metal fabricated and bronze cast sculptures with a focus on animals, Hollie Dilley soon discovered ceramics. This medium helped her create the textures and details necessary to reflect her vision and honor the diverse connections between humans and animals. The art of taxidermy injects real-life context to her otherwise fantastical creatures.

“I am honored to share the work I created at the Chambers Project,” the artist says. “It is an amazing opportunity to show the community, especially those who donated animal specimens, the vision I am so passionate about.”

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Animals including squirrels, coyotes, rabbits, birds, bears, alpaca, and more have been transformed in Hollie Dilley’s studio. Her ceramic and metalworking prowess, complemented by her taxidermy skills bring her art to exciting new heights.

“My greatest hope is that through my art these sentient beings can find a new, more permanent and appreciated existence. Much like reincarnation, the animals that walked this earth are now transposed into new forms, unaware of the past yet poised to navigate the future.”