If you happen to be in Dijon, France or lucky enough to get yourself traveling over the course of the next few weeks, we highly recommend catching Brooklyn-based Genesis Belanger's solo show at the Le Consortium Museum. Represented by PerrotinWe Were Never Friends features an installation of Belanger's everyday objects treated in an almost regal, stoneware construction. 

From the gallery: Genesis Belanger’s work is characterized by the treatment of objects as surrogates for the body. Everyday objects, sculpted in stoneware and tinted in fondant hues, often take on human features, made uncomfortably familiar as they begin to resemble us. Working with a wide range of material such as clay, metal, and upholstery, Belanger often creates immersive installations that depict liminal spaces, such as a reception area, hotel lobby, or funeral parlor. Her signature motifs, such as manicured female hands, misplaced limbs, half eaten foods, and cigarettes inhabit these spaces, toeing the line between comfort and disquiet, the beautiful and the strange. The artist's psychologically charged scenes ultimately point to society’s progressive, yet stagnant, movement in gender stereotypes and equality as well as critique mass consumerism.