Etienne Bouet and Mathieu Claudon are French artists and friends who meet at the intersection of art, architecture, public space and skating. They reclaim their cityscapes, emphasizing the complexity and elegance of line, shape and form that are shared by their respective obsessions. Claudon makes the pictures while Bouet enhances the atmosphere with color.

The artwork consists in mixed media: photographs and paintings. Mathieu Claudon shot skateboard action amidst intricate urban backgrounds—all from his unique point of view; then Etienne Bouet used paint to erase or fix, recreate or reinterpret various architectural elements comprised in the original composition. As a result, the Unconcrete Architects series makes for a singular universe in which the skateboarder gives up on his pretension to be the main subject to instead become a pure pretext for photography. —Kristin Farr

The duo are touring an exhibition, Unconcrete Architects, landing next at CircylarGallery located in Mitte, Berlin at Schwarzkopff Strasse 2, February 20–March 20, 2020.