GaHee Park's work almost seems to be freeing itself from the canvas. Nudes seem comfortable and not really bothered by the voyeurism, as if their daily activities should always be performed this manner. This casualness is in stict opposites of what Perrotin Gallery notes, "Park’s early life was influenced by her strict and religious upbringing as well as the socially restrictive and conformist atmosphere of Korea at the time—factors she actively attributes to her interest in exploring intimate realms not affected by a sense of indoctrinated shame and guilt."

Through December 28, 2019, GaHee Park will present We Used To Be Fish at Perrotin in Seoul, South Korea, a series of works that are full of "idealized scenes of private lives are a rebuttal to technological intrusions (not a cellphone is seen) and perhaps a form of personal catharsis in answer to an upbringing constricted by ideological frameworks." Born and raised in Korea, this is Park's first solo with Perrotin.