It seemed timely for us that at the same time we received a copy of our new Juxtapoz Black & White book that we would also be reaching out to British artist and Lucy McLauchlan, who is not only part of this new title but has been a few of our themes over the years. When we tackled an environmental issue, Lucy was featured, as she has a unique process and creative output that combines urbanity with nature, organic and natural brushstrokes with this history of street art always part of her story. Her newest show, Unfold, which opens on June 7 at Centrala, Birmingham, England, will feature a collection of canvas and paper works, "painted in and across woodlands, waterways and wastelands."

Here's the lowdown on the show: "Sharing a common theme, each piece evolved from painting on site in different locations from Moscow to Bordesley, and provides a momentary look inside the artist’s current practice. The collection of works have grown from Lucy’s background in mural painting, coupled with her desire to capture more permanent documentation of murals which are by nature ephemeral. The pieces relate to each other directly through the very physical act of painting outside on site, dealing with varied surfaces and unknown external factors. These varied surfaces are echoed in the mixed media used on paper, canvas and wood. The show will also include films by Matthew Watkins which will run all week, and reveal Lucy at work."

All installation photos by Ian Davies