Ray Caesar is known as the grandfather of digital art—paving the way of digital fine art accepted at both art institutions and the art market. His newest solo show, The Story So Far, will be on view at Gallery House in Toronto, Canada from November 15–December 21, 2019, with an opening reception November 15th, 7–9pm.  

Ray Caesar hails from England and moved with his family to Canada in the 60’s. His works are born from a reflection of his life and form a kind of visual diary—issues with witnessing child abuse, surgical reconstruction, mental illness and animal research all has a deep effect on him. Including his father contributed to the arrival of an alternate person named “Harry”, the boy is disguised as a girl in Caesar’s art, and remains present in his daily life as an alter ego. “Harry is beyond anger – he enjoys it,” says Caesar. “My job is to keep Harry under control.”

Caesar’s digital paintings exist in a world unto themselves, a place that is not on any map or mentioned in any guidebook. Ornate, architectural and sinister, they echo the grandeur of Reynolds and Gainsborough or Rococo artists Watteau and Boucher, but have a dreamy, dark, otherworldly quality that feel both sensual and sinister.

Caesar’s works in turn are creations from his life memories and events. This series of works follows its own compass departing from the works typical of Caesar to further explore and entwine the background and the figures. Giving us more breadcrumbs of Caesars’ mind—and showcasing his talent for creating complex worlds in a digital form, taking chances on compositionally complex pieces, new works on canvas and demonstrating why he truly is and remains the leader of digital art. Once again, Ray’s visual diaries captivate us and repel us, yet we always ache for more. Caesar’s own life memories and events will also be available on canvas as one of a kind varnished pieces.