"No matter how we got to this point," Los Angeles-baseed painter and muralist Tristan Eaton told us, "we are all a little responsible for our collective compulsions and embarrassingly human urges that led to this dysfunctional, sci-fi future we find ourselves in. America in 2019 is a badly written, well-illustrated pulp novel that exposes our deeply seated evil and profound stupidity. These paintings are the cover art.”

Eaton, who lived and worked in NYC for years and has many murals in Manhattan and in Brooklyn that still run today, is setting up his own pop-up solo show, Strange Future, opening at 198 Allen Street from October 3-9, 2019. Interestingly that Eaton's most political work to date, with bold collage style paintings brimming with both those pulp and dystopian influences, would be a show he produced and will present himself, outside of the normal gallery setting. The show will also feature an anaglyphic 3D Floor installation, blacklight posters and more special releases to be announced. 

About the work in Strange Future, the artist went on to tell us, "I always loved Pulp novels, Sci-Fi comics and Horror movies until I realized that we’re now living in one. The subversive storytelling in American Pulp, Horror and Sci-Fi have long influenced my art and my outlook on the world, but more importantly, these dark renditions of the future have become prophetic, forcing life to imitate art in the most perverse way."