111 Minna Gallery is excited to invite you to our latest art exhibition - two solo shows—featuring new and exclusive works by Guy Colwell in his solo show entitled Simple Pleasures Primal Terrors and by David Ball in his solo show Fanfaronade. Today, we look at Colwell's work. 

Coming off the heels of a retrospective with 111 Minna Gallery entitled Walking, Talking, Stalking—which chronicled his work from the ‘90s to 2018—Bay Area native and prolific artist Guy Colwell is back with a brand new series of paintings. Colwell’s Simple Pleasures Primal Terrors highlights society’s twisted inner workings and the human form throughout the Anthropocene in his signature surreal style. Although this is American art, it feels quintessentially Californian for the 21st century. 

About Guy Colwell
Born in Oakland, California in 1945, with a career spanning 60 years, Guy Colwell is a prolific painter and underground cartoonist known for his bold commentary on society and his Figurative Social Surrealism - style. His comics have been published by Rip Off Press, Last Gasp, and Fantagraphics - and his paintings are on display at the Crocker Art Museum, The Pritikin Museum, and the Oakland Zoo.