Sarah Shepard Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition with painter Serena Mitnik-Miller featuring new works in her iconic earth tones, elemental blues and jewel tones. Mitnik-Miller is an artist and designer working between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Her artistic practice is inspired by a visual journey led by a relaxed and meditative spirit. Beginning with pencil drawings, Mitnik-Miller carefully chooses her watercolor pigments to co-exist together on the paper in a composition of interlocking patterns of color and concentric shapes where structures break apart, bubbles stack and pyramids multiply.

Mitnik-Miller finds freedom being outdoors and her shapes are often inspired by the natural environment. A surfer from a young age, she rarely finds herself far from the ocean. In her compositions, she plays with the balance of negative space, form and density. In this new body of work she uses negative space in new and innovative ways while always maintaining her signature minimalist and timeless style.