One of our favorite artists from the vital Mexico City art scene, Saner, has just opened a new solo show, Lovers, at Dorothy Circus Gallery's London space. The show marks Saner's first solo show in the UK, and features some of his signature mask iconography, mixed with deeply personal narratives for his 7 new paintings. 

From the gallery: With a bright and colourful palette, Saner thoughtfully borrows and assimilates symbolic and iconographic elements from Mexican folklore and customs, to investigate on the universal theme of love. A central element in his works are the masks that his characters always wear. These masks, borrowed from the Nahuale culture, and ancient indigenous tribe in Mexico, have become the artist’s signature style. “The masks are the transforming element of my characters, a spiritual link. These characters are shown with an acquired power thanks to the animal, shape or material they are made of," explains Saner. Contrary to a first impressions, his characters do not intend to conceal anything from the viewer, rather the masks serve as a way to unveil the inner soul, emotions and desires of their characters.

Saner is one of the artists in our newest book, Juxtapoz Black & White. You can buy the book here