Hezi Cohen Gallery in Tel Aviv recently inaugurated their new space with a large solo exhibition by local artist, Klone, which will be closing at the end of this week on March 2nd. Letters from a Certain Future to an Uncertain Past marks a step towards rediscovering the ways of painting for the artist and reflecting on humanity’s present/past/future.

Using exclusively spraypaint on canvas, Ukrainian-born artist created a compelling body of work that varies from figurative depictions of the human body, all the way to minimalist abstract compositions. Using the transparency and lightness of spray, his images are almost ghost-like renderings of "characters, symbols, and regional iconography, borrowed from existing linguistic traditions in hope of providing a bridge to communicate." This effort derives from his early days of graffiti and tagging which were his way of "taking ownership of his surrounding and localizing an often hostile and alienating environment."

Through his artistic and personal growth, the efforts to bridge the gap between his native country and new home became more universal, moving the intention of his work outside of himself and towards others. Continuously focused on the notion of “home” as the main theme, from minimalist renditions of architectural elements, abstract landscapes, to almost x-ray realistic renderings of the human body or animals, the works from this exhibition are aiming to create an environment that will "connect with the observers primal feeling, placing him or her as part of the setting, and context of the work." —Sasha Bogojev