Kevin Christy's paintings always make me stop in my tracks. There's a clarity in his work, and yet this profound mystery that is so intriguing. There are not a lot of "eyes" in his paintings, perhaps creating a sense of wonder and where the characters are feeling. But over the past year, I feel like when I see Christy's work it makes me go to a place of intimacy and loss, thinking about time and time well-spent. That he named his new solo at The Hole Memories are Weapons seems just about right in my initial reactions. This work is about time and time past, and unique ways in which we cling to the things we hold onto our perceptions of time. 

As the gallery notes, "Memories are Weapons was born from Christy’s own selective ability to recount past events as time and narrative eroded during the pandemic. Where his earlier works featured scenes of interaction, this show emphasizes the independent echo of human experience, comprising a series of intimate paintings created during a time of social isolation." The show is one view through March 28, 2021. —Evan Pricco