Chefas Projects is delighted to welcome back abstract artist John Vitale for his second solo exhibition with the gallery entitled Mother Cabrini to Sunset Park. The title references his daily route from apartment to studio in his new found home of New York City.

“The work in this show is a synthesis of my journey these past 4 months," Vitale says. "Moving both home and my studio from Portland to NYC, letting go of the comforts and the flow that time has molded within both, as well as leaving behind many of my belongings.”, says Vitale. “I have spent most of my time since arriving in Brooklyn alone, moving back and forth from point A (my apartment) to Point B (my studio). The routine and repetitiveness of this newfound daily route has instilled the richness of the minutiae of an otherwise mundane activity. Taking note of the simplest of details and the beauty and ugliness within it all.

“This disposition has lent itself to the work and has given it a soft, and sometimes monotone, yet still very detailed energy. These subtler details may have expressed themselves from my subconscious experiences, while the overall soft nature of much of the work has developed from awareness of daily repetition and reflecting on what I have consciously digested.”