Hilda Palafox is emerging into Hilda Palafox. As PONI, the street name she used for years for murals and her paintings, her works had a brightness and emphasis on patterns. Now, as she continues to shed the street moniker, her work is about mood and feeling, tones and interiors, colors and individuality. It's a stunning and brave transition. Now she presents an even more nuanced body of work in A través, on view at Hashimoto Contemporary in NYC opening September 17th. This is her debut solo show in NYC for the Mexico City-based painter. 

"Now, as a woman, I understand it as the main space that I inhabit and the vessel through which I experience the universe," Palafox told us in our Winter 2022 Quarterly. "Of course, the similarities we have with the natural world that surrounds us are undeniable; the cycles, the seasons, the phases of the moon. I have always had a fascination with contemporary women who break through the glass ceiling. The rule breakers, making changes and paving the way, they are also part of my inspiration. I try to translate all of this into my work in a poetic kind of way."

Poetic is definitely a way to describe this work, a mixture of folk and contemporary, mysterious and clearly in touch with the natural world. Palafox has grown into her name, into herself, and the work gets better and better. —Evan Pricco