Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Somebody, a figurative group exhibition curated by Dasha Matsuura. Each of the eight artists featured explore abstraction and stylization of the human form, depicting the physical and emotional within their subjects.

Capturing the essence of ourselves, peers and family have been at the root of art practices throughout history. From hyper- realism to abstracted forms, the artists highlighted in Somebody illustrate familial histories and memories, current internal states and hopes for the future. Grappling with identity, the inherent value of the subject and their presence within the painted space, each work moves beyond the physical body to unpack the human experience.

Utilizing their work to paint the reality they see or would like to see, the artists affirm and underscore the importance of representation or reflection of one’s self in art. Painting is used as a means to record the influential and everyday, to allow reverence that you are someone worth documenting and inhabiting space. That you are Somebody.

Participating artists include:
Liz Flores | Lanise Howard | Kathryn Kampovsky | Hanna Lee Joshi | Marianna Olague | Kevin Sabo | Emma Steinkraus | Shingo Yamazaki