Yesterday, we shared the beautiful and abstract works of Kelly Ording on view at pt. 2 Gallery, and today we look at the collection of new works by Australian-born Jordy Kerwick in Drawings and Pictures and Time. The raw and bare quality of the works is powerful, a trait of Kerwick's we have seen over the years, but the mixture of drawings and skethces start to tell a more complete story of his process. 

"Any figurative work is never really planned, rather, just evolves from thinking about or seeing a palette that really works," Kerwick said in an interview with Hunted Objects a few years ago. "The subject matter (in my eyes) can be largely irrelevant, with more of a planned emphasis on how the colours work together and what kind of textures can be achieved." This provides a nice backdrop with the process we see play out in Drawings and Pictures and TimeI, and an undertone of how he plays with color and shapes. Enjoy.