Recess is thrilled to present Dogpatch Skateboards, a solo exhibition by San Francisco-based artist and longtime gallery friend Ferris Plock. In addition to a series of original paintings on wood panel, Dogpatch Skateboards will also include wooden skate decks, embroideries, and shrinky dinks - as well as a line of Recess-exclusive shirts, sticker sets, and enamel pins.


Exacted with Plock’s signature geometric,linear approach, his Dogpatch Skateboards characters are comprised of simple pattern blocks and mismatched, collage-style details. His canine-humanoid skateboarders coast the uncanny valley between a Picasso funhouse of exaggerated, cubism-esque caricatures and a Lascaux dome of Neolithic scratched cave paintings - all with a childlike sensibility of bold contours, vivid pastels, and absurd storylines one could easily find in a Saturday morning Ren & Stimpy cartoon marathon.

Ferris Plock Gas Power 2020

This particular body of work is, essentially, the embodiment of a fictional skateboard company by the same name - complete with skate decks, promo products, apparel, merch, sponsored teams, and more! Borne out of mindless doodles and repeated rejections of his comical plea to construct a ramp and screen print boards during his 2019 artist residency at The Space Program in SF's Dogpatch neighborhood, Plock has used his Recess solo exhibition as a way to finally actualize a fully-formed “Dogpatch Skateboards” brand (aptly named after it’s neighborhood of inception.) Simply put, it combines his love of dogs and skateboards - and all with Plock’s funny, light-hearted, juvenile charm. Moreover, it is inspired by and lovingly dedicated to his best dog friend, Koa, “who has gone on to the Happy Ground.”

Sticker Sets

Although the gallery is currently closed to the public due to San Francisco’s shelter-in-place mandate, Recess will be hosting a virtual opening reception livestream on various social media channels. Please e-join them for Dogpatch Skateboards, debuting Saturday, April 4th with a virtual afternoon reception starting at 1 pm PST. They will be live-streaming a walkthrough tour of the entire collection on display in the gallery, and we will be joined (virtually) by Ferris Plock himself for live artist commentary and real-time Q&As.

The exhibition will be on view through April 25th, 2020, and is fully viewable and shoppable online so fans can enjoy the show all month long from the comfort and safety of their own homes. For more information, additional images, or exclusive content, please email email us at [email protected].