At the beginning of the global stay-at-home mandate, an odd sense of disquiet pervaded our lives, especially when it came to the homefront. As each of us spent countless hours, day after day, embedded in the same rooms with routines set even before awakening, who didn’t travel through different stages of reimagining one’s household settings? Art history is full of depictions of domesticity, and in recent years, one artist who has painted these scenes of quiet isolation with fantasy and bright surrealism is Seoul-born, New York-based artist, GaHee Park.

In her recent body of works, most recently on display at Perrotin in Seoul in late 2019, these bold, domestic scenes became precursors to 2020, subconscious and almost daydream-esque moments of private life. Now, in her newest solo show, Betrayal (Sweet Blood), opening this fall at Perrotin NYC feel more desperate for connection, intimacy is more need than desire. Such intimate urgency has always been presented in Park’s oeuvre, yet as we collectively experience days bleeding into each other, Park’s individual works stand alone, even as each piece bleeds into the next. This is a wonderful ploy in her newest show where the narrative of days looking the same are processed in canvas after canvas. One of the brightest stars in contemporary art, Park’s new show at Perrotin is a subtle and sublime exploration of consciousness in 2020, one that understands how loneliness and attachment can co-exist as we learn fully to appreciate our whole selves. —Evan Pricco