Yes, it could only be Marcel Dzama with that title, perhaps one of our favorite art show titiles of the year: Be good little Beuys and Dada might buy you a Bauhaus. So much of Dzama's career has been to reimagine and rethink the classic outsider and sometimes anti-art movements of the past with a collection and body of work that spans every single medium and genre that one could think of. Painting, drawing, film, costume, dance, music, sculpture, installation, books, prints, collaboration, comedy... it goes on and on. "I think it's an important time for artists to make as much noise about it as we can," Dzama told us in his cover story in February 2017. And that is what he does. 

From September 6—October 26, 2019, Sies + Höke in Düsseldorf, Germany will host Marcel Dzama's 8th solo show with the gallery, Be good little Beuys and Dada might buy you a Bauhaus. The exhibition will be a celebration of the gallery's 20th anniversary of collaboration with the New York-based Canadian artist, with a series of new drawings and sculptures, a large-sclae wall painting and a 2-channel video. In addition to new large-format drawings, Dzama's exhibition features a group of mask-like sculptures, a large scale immersive wall painting and a new 2-channel video projection. The video involves a tyrannical artist and film director, aka Marcel Dzama, played by Amy Sedaris, who takes up a game of chess with a singing vampire, played by Raymond Pettibon.