Spinello Projects is proud to debut newly represented Miami-based artist Reginald O’Neal’s solo exhibition, AT THE FEET OF MOUNTAINS.  The show, consisting of a suite of small to large-scale oil paintings painted between 2018-2020, is influenced by personal experiences, as well as the lives of people around him. With a journalistic lens and classical approach, Reginald paints intimate fragments of his life. Paintings range from a landscape painting of the public housing project in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood, where he has lived his entire life, to a quiet still-life of his beloved grandmother’s glasses, to a series of works based on a life changing incident that touches on the generational repetition of domestic violence in his family. 

Reginald explains, “My desire is to embrace the unappreciated, defaced and misrepresented, as well as illustrate the true beauty within my community. It is for people looking from the outside, but mainly a mirror for residents of the community to see ourselves for who we are.”

Exhibition on view through January 18, 2021 and by appointment only.