It's gratifying and heartening to affirm fruitful, long-lasting artist-gallery relationships, so we're excited to announce Alicia McCarthy's eighth solo exhibition with Jack Hanley Gallery opening in NY December 19th. In anticipation, we'd like to share some exclusive WIP images of the newest work created in the artist's Oakland studio and during a recent stay at the Bed-Stuy Art Residency, as well as in the studio of her friend, Francesco Igory Deiana.

alicia mccarthy10

"I always see one or two lines that really just irritate me, as the bad mood or the thing I shouldn't have said. You just have to move on, no regrets. The neat thing is it's just one line and as the piece grows, it gets lost in all the other ones. So again, there's that metaphor." –Alicia McCarthy, Juxtapoz Fall 2019

With that in mind, it's interesting to see her weaves, twisted knots, intertwined arcs, and colored bands change shape and structure from previous formats. Evolving and dissolving, unraveling and entangling, each piece conveys an abstract visual metaphor for personal experiences and emotions, as she reflects on life’s dynamics and patterns. "I have my insecurities, but it's not that I don't have a sense of myself. It's just, my sense of myself has to do with all the people I surround myself with."

alicia mccarthy01

Her eighth exhibition with Jack Hanley Gallery features new paintings and works on paper, including new collaborative graphite on paper pieces with long-time comrade, Francesco Igory Deiana. The Italian-born, NYC-based artist is known for abstract creations painted with a resolute and unusual use of graphite. In solid, almost metallic-looking sections, his work–like McCarthy's–conveys strong dedication to the creative process. Waving their names in between familiar patterns and adding some of Deiana's recognizable imagery, the two once again celebrate the philosophy of comradery they both seek. Sasha Bogojev