It's always inspiring and well worth documenting the ways in which artists emerging from the graffiti scene develop their creative practice and are able to apply their experience. And one of the unique examples of such a process is the latest project by the multi-disciplinarian artist, James Earley, realized in collaboration with Derix Glasstudios in Germany.

With a background in graffiti and as the 6th generation in his family to work with stained glass, the Dublin-based creative recently wrapped up a project he has been working on for the last 6 months, combining his two passions. The work comprises of a large scale mural and a stained glass sculpture informed directly by the mural's design. With the colorful abstract shapes translating into actual glass cutouts, the interaction of color and light elevates the concept to a new level. With the addition of different glass surfaces and textures, as well as the painting coat that was applied to some parts of it, Earley experimentation with forms and their dynamics enters a whole new dimension. 

CIRCADIAN from Ror on Vimeo.

The artist worked closely with the filmmaker Ror Conaty during the production process and has created a short film about the project, the idea behind his visuals, his inspiration, and the insights about his love towards stained glass as an artistic technique. —Sasha Bogojev