Former Juxtapoz cover artist Phil Frost presents his first solo exhibition Interstitial Stint with Ruttkowski;68 in New York. Self-taught through libraries, museums and autonomous explorations of public spaces and their inherent sculptural essence, Frost’s artistic practice is deeply rooted in the processing of imprints and inner impressions.

By intuitively working with collected memories, he accesses, shapes and defines the invisible of unconscious imprints. The results are manifold, emerging from working with an immense variety of materials and media, often incited by objects and materials found in his surroundings. His practice incorporates these fragments of specific places, weaving the passage of time into the passage of his works.

Wooden doors of his old studio became textually rich surfaces to paint upon for visually complex portraits, based on sensation and perception. Meticulously filled with gestures, patterns and structurally enhancing objects found at site, they materialize an inner dialogue in resonance with faces and places from memory.

Frost’s writings source from counting rhythms, a sort of intuitive mathematics, and are charged with glyphic information, vocals, vowels dots and ripples. Plotted into his works, they are capable of visualizing motion and energy, of articulating, structuring and interpreting reality and personal experiences made. Layer by layer he turns the transient into the tangible, creating the poetically evocative depth that characterizes his entire body of work.