Between June 25th and August 6th, 2022, NYC's The Hole will be presenting the 5th iteration of the Universes group exhibitions conceptualized and fostered by Saša Bogojev. After the initial presentation in Imola, Italy, in 2018, Amsterdam in 2019, Hong Kong in 2020, and the big Paris show in 2021, Universes 5 is the largest one in the series bringing a selection of 26 artists that work with painting, sculpture, and installation. Transforming all the rooms and floors of the gallery's Tribecca space into a carnival of aesthetics, techniques, and approaches, the first-ever Summer edition of the show is casually reimagining the increasingly popular concept of multiverses through the gutsy prism of artistic headspaces.

Universes 5 flyer 2 LQ
From its humble inaugural edition which included the works by the likes of Ana Barriga, Edgar Plans, or Superfuturekid, these shows were focused on the artists that strongly rely on creating their own spectrums of characters, settings, and/or events. Driven by the success and the interest in the concept, the second edition introduced Anna Park, Pedro Pedro, Baldur Helgason, and Trey Abdella, among others, proposing the figure-based aspect of the work as the strong connecting point and setting a new course for contemporary figuration. And as those artists trailblazed through the art world on their own, the third iteration featuring Young Lim Lee, Laurens Legiers, Marisa Adesman, Hiejin Yoo, etc, introduced the existence of whole different dreamscapes, realities, and beings, as well as a range of unusual ways of seeing everyday life. Mirroring the cosmic impetus to construct and accumulate similar styles, techniques, or subject matters, the art world called for an expansion of the concept into a sculptural sphere. The last year's edition included Drew Dodge, Bridget Mullen, Jason Boyd Kinsella, and Ákos Ezer to name a few, presenting the type of work that blends the imagination and technical accomplishment into an unusual and novel sensory treat. Still focused on exploring their own individual worlds located in an unusual environment and/or populated with distinctive inhabitants, these artists are constructing entire galaxies through their practices, often touching on common philosophies or goals along the way.

Among the dominating selection of paintings in Universes 5, the iconic Dutch painter Philip Akkerman will provide us with a taste of his exceptional world that's been exclusively built on self-portraits for over four decades now. Also, interested in the subject of the artist's relationship with his practice and work, Chinese artist Cai Zebin will introduce his vision of such dynamic, and so will the German painters Kristina Schuldt and Tamara Melcher. Another way of self-reflection will be presented through the work by NYC-based Zatara Mcintyre or Korean Heesoo Kim, while Martin Kačmarek will introduce his vision of the forgotten Slovakian countryside. And pushing us into a fantastical, imaginary sphere, Spanish Juan de Dios Morenilla or Finnish Mari Sunna will challenge our minds with their perspective and reinvention of reality. Such challenging will surely intensify through the sculptural works by the Korean Ahn Tae Won or the multi-colored hand-carved works by American Bayne Peterson. The melting of minds is to be expected while experiencing the incredible ceramic work by Japanese sculptor Kazuhito Kawai, or finally while immersing in the digi-phisycal installation by the brilliant French mastermind that is Kévin Bray.

The full lineup of artists featured in Universes 5 includes Kristina Schuldt, Lucien Murat, Julie Mauskop, Cai Zebin, Ji Xin, Tamara Malcher, Nigel Howlet, Evgen Čopi Gorišek, Philip Akkerman, Martin Kačmarek, Juan de Dios Morenilla, Clayton Schiff, Leo Park, Heesoo Kim, Yuichi Hirako, Mari Sunna, Zatara McIntyre, Roxanne Jackson, Kazuhito Kawai, Daniel Mandelbaum, Joakim Ojanen, Ahn Tae Won, Koen Tasselar, Bayne Peterson, Natalia Arbelaez, and Kévin Bray.