Nina Chanel Abney has become one of the leading voices in emerging art over the last half-decade or so, with a career that has seen pivotal museum shows and gallery exhibitions. (Juxtapoz have been major supporters, with a cover story in July 2016 and curating her work in Juxtapoz x Superflat later that year.) One of the great developments in her career as of late is her curatorial eye, with her second show of curation with Jeffrey Deitch Gallery having opened at his Los Angeles space this past weekend. Punch brings together thirty-three artists who examine contemporary culture and society through the lens of figuration.

Using painting, sculpture, and performance as acts of defiance, these artists explore how they can create a hybrid practice without adhering to historical labels while portraying a society immersed in new media and pop culture. Punch presents diverse approaches to contemporary figuration that defy traditional expectations. The show features a few artists recently featured in the pages of Juxtapoz: Jeffrey Cheung, Cheyenne Julien, Monica Kim Garza, Theresa Chromati, Austin Lee, Matthew PalladinoTschabalala Self and Henry Taylor

To see a full roster of the artists in Punch, click here