As the world continues to shift and move and realign, a few of our gallery friends have found new homes in Los Angeles. Mirus Gallery is the newest to join the Southern California scene, with a new location in the Arts District.  After opening spaces in San Francisco and Denver, Mirus Gallery will kick off with a special group exhibition, with an exclusive VIP first look at the new space, Friday January 7th, 7pm - Late. On Saturday January 8, they will host a reception free and open to the public 7pm on. The weekend events will feature live painting by the Futherrr Collective, a limited edition print release by Japanese artist Yoh Nagao, the launch of our metaverse NFT Gallery with auction finales streamed live and much more. The exhibition will remain on display for just two short weeks through January 14.


About the Exhibition:
As Mirus Gallery enters their 10th year in business, they have embarked on their largest venture to date: a brand new 11,000 square foot exhibition space in the heart of the Los Angeles Arts District. With big plans in 2022 for large immersive exhibitions, Mirus gallery wants to show off the new space with a sneak preview of what is to come. The exhibition will highlight some locals from LA, staple artists represented by mirus through the years, fine art NFTs, as well as a selection of artworks from recent exhibitions such as ImageText, Anamorphic Portraiture and Psychonauts. We are confident our grand opening in 2022 will be one for the books!

Featured Artists:
Alex Yanes, Alexis Mata, Ali Alisir, Android Jones, Augustine Kofie, Ben Ridgeway, Bohdan Burenko, Bond Truluv, Bryan Valenzuela, Camille Rose Garcia, Chazme, Colin Blades, Cristian Blanxer, Damon Soule, David Choong Lee, David Crunelle, Demsky, Dourone, Einar Olafsson, Erik Skotnes, Gera1, Helice Wen, Helio Bray, Hueman, Insane 51, Irene Lopez Leon, Isaak Pelayo, It's a Living, Jon Ching, July, Julia Benz, John Park, Karla Marchesi, Kevin Earl Taylor, Kkade, Layer Cake, Luke Brown, Marwan Shahin, MEAR ONE, Meeson, MESPLE, Niels Shoe Meulman, Nome Edonna, Peter Paid, Poesia, Robert Young, Remi Rough, Ron English, Seleka, Sen2, Sharktoof, Sickboy, Tomo77, Trav, Usugrow, Vasco Mourao, Vincent Abadie Hafez aka Zepha, Yoh Nagao and more TBD

1922 E 7th Place, Los Angeles