Food has always played a central role in fine art, but perhaps most recently, preparing and executing a menu has become, more and more, a fine art form itself. Hashimoto Contemporary's Dasha Matsuura is looking at food and drink as a focus in a group of emerging artists, in a exhibition titled Potluck

What Potluck speaks to is the uinversality of food and cooking, both as a personal practice and family tradition. We tell stories through food and sharing a meal, just as good art can tell a story. As Dasha notes of the show, "Ranging from intimate and charged moments to elaborate tablescapes—participating artists in this exhibition offer a piece of their cultures, memories, or social commentary."  

Participating Artists: Jess Ackerman | Esao Andrews | Sabrina Bockler | Molly Bounds | Boykong | Jackie Brown | Katie Butler | CHIAOZZA | Maggie Cowles | Stephen D’Onofrio | N Dyer | Jillian Evelyn | Luke Forsyth | Gustav Hamilton | Zoe Hawk | Andrew Hem | David Heo | Loc Huynh | Celia Jacobs | Natalia Juncadella | Matthew Kam | Adrian Kay Wong | Sam Keller | Katie Kimmel | Chelsie Kirkey | Corey Lamb | Coco Lim Haas | Kristen Liu Wong | Jean-Paul Mallozzi | Michael McGregor | Stephen Morrison | Lap Ngo | Carlos Rodriguez | Stacey Rozich | Stephanie S. Shih | Stephanie H. Shih | Josh Stover | Crys Yin | Lauren YS | Nicholas Zirk | curated by Dasha Matsuura