Superchief Gallery in Los Angeles presents a solo show from comic-illustrator Sean Kushner, a skateboarder, surfer and artist who "carries the torch of the non-conformists before him" and uses "imagery that smacks you in the face with social commentary."


Reading like a comic strip out of a graphic novel, the majority of Kushner's work provides biting commentary on social and political issues ranging from social media addiction and obsessiveness with body perfection to the decline of the American Dream and authoritarian adoration.

In Instarythm, Kushner recognizes the power and control that this ambiguous algorithm holds over our online viewing habits. The robo-AI declares, "Thru me, all instafame and false validation is possible," which suggests seemingly superficial programming that leaves users dissatisfied with their own behavior.

IMG 1053

In Earth Roulette, Kim Jong-Un's unhappiness with Elton John’s “Rocketman” leaves the discouraged despot lonely enough to contemplate a nuclear winter, all while bearing Cookie Monster pasties, skull-and-bone panties, and fluffy bunny slippers. At the same time, Putin walks his leashed, unruly and excitable child–er, potus–to its new plane. Meanwhile, the bottom strip features a bewildered but opportunistic ice-cream salesman pushing his cart away from a woman sunbathing on a glacier–each ignorant of the starving polar bear beside them.

In Fame is Fun, a cast of pop culture's real and imagined "fallen angels" appears. From rumors surrounding Bill Nye the Science Guy and Steve from Blue's Clues to the very real falls from grace by Subway's Jared and Bill Cosby, Kushner points out society's nasty habit of believing gossip and idolizing an individual.


Finally in Seasons Greetings, angel-Putin, baby-Trump, and baby-Kanye send a holiday greeting card that is sure to 'Make America Cringe Again'.

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Sean Kushner's solo show at Superchief Gallery in Los Angeles opens January 11, 2020, with an opening reception from 7 to 11 pm.