This June, Juxtapoz Projects will be hosting our next round of artists-in-residence at Superchief Gallery in Ridgewood New York. We’re so excited to be welcoming Berlin-based artist Ruohan Wang to come work alongside Toronto-based artist Kendra Yee.

In anticipation of the program, we thought to share with you some of Ruohan Wang’s work. The artist dabbles in everything from printmaking to painting, graphic design to fashion. Originally born in Beijing, Wang now resides in Berlin, constantly experimenting with new mediums and ways to make art. Her illustrations vibrate with disruptive energy, yet their compositions and color ways seem neurotically strategic. It’s with this cool nonchalance that Ruohan Wang’s work has won the hearts of people all over, including ours. 

We can’t wait to share more of her work with you when she joins the residency program next month, in the meantime, check out some of her previous projects above.