R & Company is pleased to announce Romanian-American artist and designer Serban Ionescu’s first solo exhibition at the gallery since formally joining its program in October 2021. Ionescu has long been interested in world making, approaching his design works as whimsical characters that he brings to life in Castle Garden. Named after the first immigration station in the United States, “Castle Garden” was originally a military fort and then a theater before becoming the main entry point to the U.S. for European immigrants in the 1850s. Just as Castle Garden’s functions changed over time, the functionality of Ionescu’s objects is variable, transforming based on the viewer’s desires and the location of the works. 

For the exhibition, the designer draws on his architectural background to create a range of large-scale structures, including “pavilions” that people can enter, allowing for a new interior experience of his work, as well as “roomscrapers”, elongated, tall sculptures that suggest a built skyline. On view through August 12, 2022, Castle Garden will also include a spectrum of works, including a standout dining room table, cabinets, and chairs, and maquettes for pavilions—all in Ionescu’s signature style.