At the Juxtapoz offices, we are huge fans of Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama because of his famous robot women works and Star Wars concept art legacy. Sorayama, in conjunction with his Nanzuka Gallery, has teamed with Case Studyo on a limited edition, gold plated middle finger, titled The Midas Touch. Sound familiar? 

From Case:
The Midas Touch not only explores the relationship between artist and audience but delves into the intimate and complicated relationship of creator and creation, as well. The sculpture’s obscene gesture constitutes a small revolt and playfully touches on the fear of an inevitable clash between man and machine. Sorayama’s sexy robot seems to have turned against its creator and reminds us all that technology can be tantalizingly beautiful but also ruthlessly cold... Such a cold finger Beckoning you to enter its web of sin But don’t go in..."

Gold plated porcelain
Sized 33 cm. high
Edition of 100 + 10 AP’s
Custom made wood box with foil print
Signed & numbered certificate by Hajime Sorayama