“It came from the idea of chance and trust, like the legend of William Tell shooting an apple off his sons head," says NYC-based Nicasio Fernandez on the topic of one of his new releases, Uh Oh, as part of AllRightsReserved's MEET PROJECT. "Having this trust in someone to shoot an arrow, or throw a knife in this case, invokes a fear that I wanted to play around with.” Kicking off  the new year, MEET PROJECT by AllRightsReserved and Fernandez break convention with absurd humor to present the collaborative project, "MEET Nicasio Fernandez PROJECT" by AllRightsReserved, featuring the artist’s first-ever limited-edition sculptures: Uh Oh letter opener and Blooming ceramic vase — a fuse of subtle humor with the human experience within contemporary life.

By continuing to depict goofy and vibrant beings, Fernandez hopes to open up more narratives and interpretations for the works. On the topic of the releases, and most specifically his letter opener work, Fernandez says, “During this time of social isolation we’re so engrossed with our phones that I started to think about analog communication and the meaningfulness of something like writing a letter. With this project I hope more people will be enticed to write letters to one another.”

The release is now open for raffle globally on DDT Store in a limited edition of 50 each until 1 Mar 12am (EST), 1 March 2021.

The Uh Oh letter opener is priced at USD 1,800 | HKD 14,130. Signed and numbered. Packaged in wooden box.
The Blooming ceramic vase is priced at USD 950 | HKD 7,460. Accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.

For a chance to purchase, please enter the raffle on DDTStore.com now. Successful entrants will be notified via email by 1 March with purchase details. Shipping of Uh Oh begins from March 2021, while Blooming begins from May 2021. Subject to delay due to COVID-19.