There is a subtle liveliness to Eddie Martinez's more figurative "blockhead" works. They have a bit of character to them, and as they merge and re-emerge and fall back and then re-emerge again in the fantastic works of the NYC-based artist, they are some of the most sought after paintings in art at the moment. And now, they are a collectible sculpture work. 

Teaming with Hong Kong-based AllRightsReserved, Eddie Martinez has just released the "Blockhead Lamp," a "handcrafted Tiffany-inspired light piece that emits vibrant colors, creating a sculptural artwork out of flat sheets of stained glass, with the artist’s signature Blockhead motif." And just as Martinez makes the blockhead come to life in the midst of his abstractions, the lamp gives off a colorful illumination that is both rich and colorful and spontaneous. And richness is definitely a trait that fits both Martinez in his fine artworks and the Blockhead Lamp. This is a stunning collectible and one of our favorite releases from the ARR family. The work is made in an edition of 100. 

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We are excited to announce the first Blockhead collaboration with Eddie Martinez @elmersfud to present his first sculptural leaded lamp — “BLOCKHEAD LAMP”! Raffle is now open on @DDTStore . . Enter the Raffle NOW on: (Link in bio) . Raffle Ends on: 9 Oct 12am (EDT) / 12pm (HKT) . “BLOCKHEAD LAMP”, 2020 Handcrafted Edition of 100 Material: Stained glass, patinated bronze, LED light and mixed media Dimension: H150 x W150 x D130 mm (Shade) ; H65 x W170 x D170 mm (Base) Signed and numbered . Enter the raffle now on for a chance to purchase. Successful entrants will be notified via email by 12 Oct with purchase details. . Please notify your financial institution in advance in order to confirm you have sufficient credit to enter the registration. . Upon successful raffle and purchase, entrants are bound by 2-year lock-up agreement for no-resale. #EddieMartinez #BLOCKHEADLAMP #AllRightsReserved #DDTStore

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Signed and numbered. For a chance to purchase, please enter the raffle on now. Successful entrants will be notified via email by 12 Oct with purchase details. Shipping begins from December on 2020.