Ando Caulfield, better known in the photography world as Ando or Andonesia on IG, has been a close friend of the magazine over the years, especially as a documentarian in San Francisco street photography. Recently, Ando released a new book of portraits, RealSF, a collection of photos he took on the streets of SF from 2014-15. 

As Ando and most SF residents know, care and attention for the growing homeless communityt is a priority. This collection is both a powerful portrayal of SF that doesn't include the tourist backdrop, but literally, the real version of the ciy. Ando created RealSF from his collection of portraits of homeless people shot in 2014 and 2015, an era where extreme new wealth came into the city via the tech industry which left a vaccum to support low income housing and exteme poverty. The 150-page book is giving all its proceeds to Larkin St Youth Services, a organization dedicated to helping people get off the streets of sf at an early age and provide resources for people in need. 

Get the book here.