It was over a decade ago, but only a matter of time before the talents of Ukranian muralists Interesni Kazki would propel them onto the international scene. Capturing the pop surrealism of Robert Williams, the imagination of Dali and the street aesthetic storytelling of Blu, they painted with original, elegant precision in both street and studio works. For years, Juxtapoz has loved the works of AEC and WAONE as both solo artists and a duo, impressed by their ease in bridging gallery showcases and the street muralism.

They are such wonderful draftsment, and a new book Worlds of Phantasmagoria, Vol 1, Graphic Works 2013-2020, delights and documents their works of  depth and imagination, timeless monochromatic pices that harken back to the works of 19th century Mihály Zichy, as well as current masters like Mark Ryden and Todd Schorr.  WAONE particularly excels in the settings, where a recurring cast of characters travel , flirting with reality, between physical and dream worlds.  It’s an area traversed before,  but few have fully transformed an entire city block into a street of surrealism.

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Even though we initially react to the lush, bold colors, Worlds of Phantasmagoria, Vol 1, Graphic Works 2013-2020 whets the appetite to interact and enrich one’s own imagination. When Street Art went big, and we mean physically big and internationally famous, we were awed with a sense of wonderment. How did they do that? How can you paint so big? WAONE was a major part of the awesomeness of the movement. And here we are, looking at his simplest works in black and white, joyful, curious and endlessly fascinated. That is what the best art can do. —Evan Pricco

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