Superchief Gallery is proud to announce the opening of the world's first physical NFT gallery space. The grand opening for Superchief Gallery NFT will be held on Thursday, March 25th from 6 - 9pm in Union Square, NYC. As we all know, NFTs are getting... let's call it a lot of press these days, to help further explain their new gallery, we asked Superchief's Ed Zipco to speak about the new project. 

Since we opened our first digital art gallery in Soho back in 2016, Superchief has held the belief that digital-native artwork was an essential art form to include as part of the larger art movement of our era.

We have had been running our version of a traditional art gallery space since 2012 and by 2016 we knew well that there wasn't a clear way to monetize digital artwork. But we felt strongly that just because we couldn't sell it at the present time, didn’t mean it should be kept apart from the art community at large. These are artists we feel are brilliant and exciting, and should be part of the cultural exchange. We continued to champion and push for the digital artists we love, getting them on giant digital billboards around the world and other fun stuff. But that wasn't really a paycheck. For this artform, there was really only the chance for money and success via commercial projects. 


It was incredible to watch these artists present their creative visions to the world commercially via stage visuals for Travis Scott or make music videos for NIN (both of these specifically done by Human Person, a creative agency founded by some of our favorites, Ian Valentine, Aron Johnson and friends) but it's different when an artist gets to sell their own work to an art collector who is a fan of theirs. It's a different kind of personal validation and it keeps their brains running towards the things that personally excite them creatively, which is more pure - and it's what we really want.

Enter NFTS.

NFT's are a brand new concept for 99% of the world right now, but basically, they allow someone to collect digital art and know that there is provenance. Which has forever been the missing element to establish Digital Art value. It's the blockchain. It's a serial number.

There is a public record of who bought the art and who owns it. There might be a million copies of that file around the world, it might be truly famous, but it's as easy as a google search to see the account that it belongs to and who can legitimately sell it. Might be an anonymous account number, but its there for us all to see. 

Ron English x Daniel Johnston x Clutter

Beyond that is where it truly becomes a watershed moment for the art world at large. NFTs have for the first time in history created a system of royalties for artists. In the past, if a piece of art sold at auction years after a purchase, and sells for a gigantic sum, zero percent of that money goes to the artist who created it.

But now, as the artist's NFT is resold, 10% of that sale goes to the creator of the NFT. Every, Single, Time. Forever.

It begins to create a sustainable model where artists do well when those that invest in them do well. It creates a system where artists and their collectors are in it together, down to the smart contract DNA of the NFT. Where flippers aren't the bad actors. Where the secondary market is transparent and accessible by fans of the artworld at large. And also, Sneakerheads. 

This is the first time that sneakerheads and other people that would love to invest in the secondary art market will be truly allowed transparent access. Those that have always wanted to, but didnt know how? It is now possible to learn. The boom is upon us.

Which is why we are curating a grand opening NFT exhibition such as we are, with 300 artists taking part in it. We at Superchief have an opportunity to curate very popular artists that we love from various traditional mediums such as painting, illustration, photography, as well as the recently accepted and acknowledged art forms of street art and graffiti, side by side with our favorite digital artists- the youngest artform fighting to be accepted. 

The point is to further validate the entire NFT movement and most importantly, the artist royalties that are built in as a fundamental aspect of it. Something for us all to rally behind and embrace.

To witness the world that NFT's are making possible, and even further, how the entire experience is walking us towards the wall sized digital screens and eventually holograms that make up the cyberpunk future we have long been promised, Superchief Gallery is incredibly proud to take our place in history as the 1st physical NFT-only exhibition space in the world, opening this week in Union Square in New York City.

We’re also very proud to share that Superchief Gallery NFT will be the 1st Carbon Negative Marketplace with carbon credit purchases built into our system that more than counterbalance the ecological impacts of this new technology. We had the opportunity to try and do this in an idealized fashion, so we went for it.Ed Zipco

56 East 11th Street (between Broadway & University)
New York, NY 10003