In a world that flagrantly tosses around the descriptor, it’s safe to say that ”it’s a small world” qualifies as iconic. Not only is it one of the first boat rides (and a welcome, air-conditioned shelter to rest weary feet) it’s undeniably the ultimate ear-worm, infectious and determined to cure crabby curmudgeons. Walt Disney asked the songwriters to pen a message of peace and understanding that could be translated into many languages, and it ended up becoming the most played and transliterated song in history. So yes, after 55 years, it’s definitely iconic.

The ride itself made its debut two months after passage of the Civil Rights Act and shortly after the Cuban Missile Crisis. Now, it’s 2020, and as we march for inclusion and find inspiration in the faces of small children, we share the desire to feel solidarity with our brothers and sisters - express that feeling!  Since art and music translate into global emotional language, the Walt Disney Family Museum has invited adult and teen artists to join its next virtual community exhibition. Submissions of 2D and 3D artwork inspired by the message of it’s a small world are being accepted, will be chosen by a juried pool, then displayed in a 3D rendered gallery in the Diane Disney Miller Special Exhibition Hall and presented for viewing on their website. 

See thewebsite for details, and we bet the song will still be meandering through your head even after you’ve sent your peace offering.  

The deadline to submit artwork is Sunday, August 9, 2020 at 11:59pm PT.